Cuadra Pediatric Dentistry

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Team Procedures

  1. Team members will clean hands as soon as he or she has entered the building.
  2. Team members will document his or her temperature on the COVID-19 Daily Screening Sheet
  3. Team members will change into scrubs and shoes that are to be kept and laundered in office at the end of the day.
  4. Each team member will wear gloves, a face shield, mask, protective eye wear, a bouffant cap and a jacket (front) or a gown (back).
  5. Shields will be wiped with Caviwipes with every patient and switched after lunch and will have deep clean at end of the day.
  6. Gowns for clinical procedures will be switched at lunch unless visibly soiled.
  7. Bouffant Caps will be switched at lunch unless visibly soiled.
  8. All reusable PPE will be laundered in house at the end of day.
  9. Shoes will be disinfected at the day and left in office to dry overnight.
  10. Each team member will need to have a N-95 mask fitting to be scheduled with the occupational health at the hospital. The contact number is 419-455-8160
  11. When a vaccine has been developed and distributed for use, it will be required that all staff members receive one.
  12. Each mask will be used once a week for 4 to 5 weeks to be changed out at the end of the month or if visibly soiled.
  13. Each team member is encouraged to have extra clothes in locker incase of possible exposure.

Patient/Caregiver Protocols

  1. Patients will call or text upon arrival to assure proper flow of patients in the office.
  2. All who enter need to wear their own mask including patient and caregiver. If a mask is forgotten, washable masks will be provided but do not mention on phone. All patients under the age of 2 are not required to have masks.
  3. Each Patient is allowed only one caregiver. Extra family members like other parent or non-patient siblings are not allowed in the waiting room.
  4. Upon entry into the waiting room, hands will be sanitized and temperatures will be taken and recorded on the COVID- 19 Daily Screening Sheet.
  5. A Covid-19 Questionnaire will be given and completed by caregiver and scanned into patient’s file.
  6. All new patient forms are to be filled out prior to arrival. They can be emailed or filled out on the website.
  7. Patient and Caregivers will be assigned a waiting space until called back for appointment.
  8. Patients and Caregivers will be escorted back to the room
  9. Patient will only remove mask while in the chair
  10. Due to the unprecedented times, we are charging a $10 PPE fee to help to pay for the extra precautions.